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Take Back Your BackYard!

We at Eco-Tick Solutions believe in taking back the enjoyment of the outdoors. We use an all-natural product that controls ticks and mosquitoes for weeks after application with a very simple list of ingredients - GARLIC. 


Garlic spray is not harmful to animals and humans but has a powerful effect on insects (mosquitoes, ticks, etc). Most insects have sensitivity to smells at a factor of 10,000 times our own. We use this to our advantage! Eco-Tick Solutions applies this formula to grassy areas where insects hide out, such as your yard, in parks, athletic fields, cottages or wherever insects linger.

The robust liquid formulation takes advantage of garlic's natural sulfur which repels ticks, mosquitoes and insects. The garlic used in this solution is a powerful strain that is much more potent than the garlic found in grocery stores. In fact, the lab professionals refer to it as “super garlic”. The scent kills insects but only lingers in the air for 30-45 minutes. Spraying garlic to keep insects away is not something new. Farmers and master gardeners have been doing it for many generations-even the Queen Of England sprays her gardens with a garlic! 

The products used are non-toxic and used throughout the world by professionals and homeowners alike. Our goal is to provide safe, affordable treatments that do not harm family, friends, pets, the earth, or your pocketbook. We have searched for the best products to offer you, providing safety and effectiveness. We spray an all-natural product and stand by it's effectiveness.

We can spray in all green spaces, from the parks where you walk your dog or play with your kids,  to local trails where you like to hike. 

Eco-Tick has you covered with a safe, natural, effective tick repellent.

Contact us for quote 613 539 1472

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