Meet the Staff

Natural Products Division

Edward Chodowski

CEO/Founder of Eco-Tick Solutions Edward brings his knowledge of managing Pests in Natural ways, the heart of why he started this company. Utilizing natural deterrents on Geese, Seagulls, Pigeons, Ticks and Mosquitos to help control the spread of diseases this pests can spread without introducing chemical agents into our environment. 


Phone: 613-539-1472

Pesticide Division

Carl Roud

Head Technician with Eco-Tick Solutions brings over 20 years in the Pest service industry. With wonderful problem solving and technical skill In addition to the fount of knowledge Carl is an asset not only to Eco-Tick Solutions but the industry as a whole. 



Phone: 613-583-1006

Mike Roud

The latest addition to our pesticide division brings a simple but very needing youthful perspective to the Pesticide Industry. His sharp wit and attention to detail he is already making himself a integral part of the Eco-Tick Team.



Kaitlin Corrigan

Our newest member of our team as been brought on to handle the behind the scenes action. Kaitlin is an energetic and enthusiastic addition excited to work on our every growing business. Starting off as a customer Kaitlin came to us excited to help us grow pest management with natural solutions!


Kingston, Ontario





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