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No more steak, hamburgers? Common tick in Georgia causes allergic reaction to red meat


Five things to know about Lyme disease and ticks in B.C.


Tick Hunting: The Prey Are Tiny, and the Bait Is Human


Don't throw away that deer tick. Researchers at Mount Allison want to study it


Connecticut Sees Deadly Case of Tick-Borne Powassan Virus


How to Tell if a Tick Head Is Still in Your Skin and How to Remove It | SELF

How to Combat Ticks This Summer According to an Expert


My brush with Lyme disease: how tick bites turned family day out to disaster | Health | The Guardian


A New York Man Was Killed by a Rare Brain-Infecting Disease Spread by Ticks


The Weather Network - Mosquito tests positive for West Nile virus in southern Ontario


Ontario Child Contracts Meningitis After Getting Bitten By A Tick – Narcity


As If Ticks Weren't Terrifying Enough, This Giant Bloodsucker Will Hunt You Down


Summertime means disease-carrying ticks and mosquitoes. Here's what you should know


6 ways ticks can make you sick or kill you, from Lyme disease to the Powassan virus

Gabby Landsverk- July 29, 2019

Mosquitoes, ticks: 10 things to know for staying safe

Updated Jul 6, 2019; Posted Jul 6, 2019


Another tick that causes meat allergies has been found in Canada

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter Friday, July 5th 2019


3 lone star ticks have been found in Waterloo region: Public health: Two were picked up while people travelled to the U.S., one was acquired locally

CBC News · Posted: Jul 04, 2019 11:08 AM

Yes, they’re gross and they’re everywhere, and maybe that’s partly my fault. But I can’t stay inside.

By Rebecca Onion July 03, 2019

‘Every time, the test came back negative’: Why Canadian Lyme disease cases continue to be missed

By Heather Yourex-West Network Digital Journalist: Alberta Correspondent  Global News

Timmins woman tests positive for Lyme disease

She suspects the bite happened in a remote area

2 days ago by: Maija Hoggett

It felt like the flu. It took 10 doctors, a year, and $60,000 to get an answer.

My family’s harrowing journey to get a diagnosis after we were bitten by ticks — and what it says about our health system.

By Kris Newby Updated Jun 25, 2019, 10:55am

Protect Yourself From Ticks by Understanding How They Hunt

Elizabeth Yuko

Monday 5:00pm

It's tick season in Manitoba, and dogs are just as susceptible to Lyme disease

Catching disease early is important, and chewable products like NexGard, Simparica can help keep pooches safe
CBC News · Posted: Jun 24, 2019 6:23 AM

Winnipeg on path to shatter 'unprecedented' mosquito record

Stephanie Tsicos


Published June 21, 2019 2:55 p.m

How to identify which type of tick you've found, and what you must know about six common species

By Catherine Roberts

June 22, 2019

Lyme disease has 'dominated' my life

By Fiona Stalker

17 June 2019

How to Remove a Tick

Finding, and removing, ticks quickly is the best way to avoid harmful effects.

By James Lynch

Jun 13, 2019

Terrified of ticks? There's lots you can do to protect yourself, Guelph expert says

Kate Bueckert · CBC News · Posted: Jun 13, 2019 5:00 AM

First two cases of tick paralysis in North American horses reported

June 11, 2019

More than 25 per cent of pesticides used in U.S. are banned in Europe, study finds   


Published June 7, 2019 2:59 a.m

Ticking ticks off with garlic; Kingston experiments with smelly solution

Joanne Schnurr

CTV Ottawa

Published June 4, 2019 3:11 p.m

Kentucky toddler contracts rare disease from tick bite

By Lee Brown

June 3, 2019 | 3:45pm

How a tick bite left a healthy mum blind, paralysed and 'waiting to die'

By Matt Roper 3 Jun 2019

Ticks, mosquitoes, geese all repelled by spray's pungent scent

CBC News · Posted: Jun 27, 2018 4:00 AM ET

CDC warns about encephalitis risks

By Lee I-chia  /  Staff Reporter


Warm weather bringing back risk of ticks

By Bob Montgomery May 19, 2019 5:30am

Ticks Make Their Seasonal Appearance in the Province

May 17, 2019 | 10:33 am

Richmond Hill resident finds blacklegged tick on dog's head

News Apr 26, 2019 by Sheila Wang


Ticks are ‘like Velcro’: Ontario parents discover tick in daughter’s ear

Halton deemed an ‘estimated risk area’ for Lyme disease

Estimated risk areas are defined by PHO as locations where blacklegged ticks have been identified or are known to occur and where humans have the potential to come in contact with infected ticks.N

ews Apr 24, 2019 by Melanie Hennessey Independent Free Press

Amended complaint in Lyme lawsuit; battle lines are drawn


Kentucky toddler contracts rare disease from tick bite

By Lee Brown

June 3, 2019 | 3:45pm


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