Back in 2010, I decided to take back my own yard from insects and pests. I began experimenting with several products on the market ranging from dangerous DEET From big box stores to sprays from pesticide companies. All of these sprays and services proved to be more harmful than worth. Going back to my childhood, I remembered my mother spraying the backyard with a misting bottle that made our yard smell like a barbecue. I started to ask my own family what did Mom spray in the yard when we were kids. Well I received a couple different answers, roughly the same Garlic. Then talking with my neighbors and hearing their concerns about the safety of their children, pets and plants, I realized what I needed was old school technology, After doing a lot of resource and experiments found that Garlic (Super Garlic) was the answer. So was born Eco-Tick Solutions Inc.


In today’s world, the diseases that threaten us are constantly changing. We must also evolve in finding solutions to keep us safe. Our technology is effective against Ticks, Mosquitoes, Chiggers, Fleas and even can get rid of Geese on your property. These pests will be repelled and unable to breed in the treated area. So needless to say we now enjoy our backyard again.

I proudly own Eco-Tick Solutions and am pleased with the results that Mosquito Barrier  has given me, and to my customers.

Please feel free to ask about the product and services we offer.


Don't stay out 'just until the mosquitoes start biting'. Stay out until it's time to go to bed.


Thank You Edward Chodowski CEO/Founder



Kingston, Ontario






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