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Clients Love Eco-Tick Solutions

Nanina Sophie

I want to take a second and Thank Edward and his Crew for a wonderful experience, not only friendly but the the garlic works. We can actually stay outside after sun goes down. Thankyou for a wonderful 3rd season.

The Gang

Forever Yours

“I can’t say how pleased I was when Edward called me back after leaving a message 15 mins before on a Sunday,!!! We were having a  Bar  BQ  and thought that the spray my husband did would be enough, OMG it wasn't, So Edward himself came out and did a quick spray for us. All I can say is WOW I'm forever your customer and will promote Eco-Tick Solutions.  I can't say enough about no Ticks and Mosquitoes.

The Barry's

The Doctor's

Thank's to the crew of Eco-Tick Solutions and Edward, We are a group of 4 Doctor's and a Campsite on Loughborough Lake. 2 years ago we tried a Natural Product for Mosquitoes and Ticks, that was presented to us from Edward of Eco-Tick Solutions after first 30 mins .of the first spray we have  became a full-time customer of this company

not only the service and the pricing but events are a happy bite-free and most important virus free time outside. 

Thank you from all of us.

At camp Doctor's

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