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While some problems with rodents can be managed with traps from a local hardware store if you are looking into pest management help you have likely already tried this and it has not been enough. Looking into professional solutions can feel overwhelming and expensive but not treating the problem can cause significant problems. 

Property Damage 

Rodents chew, a lot. Not only does this mean getting into food but destroying clothing, equipment, items and storage or worse chewing through brick, wood, pipes, mortar and wiring. These damages can put the safety of your family at risk (such as the potential for electrical fires). Financially these repairs can add up quickly and insurance companies do not usually cover damage caused by rodents. This makes a professional solution a financially wise choice to prevent thousands of dollars of damage later. 


Rodents are frequent carriers of diseases and parasites. Urine and feces are not always obvious however are often on surfaces where you are likely to eat or prepare your food. Likely they are also getting into your food supplies as well. 

How we can help

Eco-Tick Solutions starts with a professional assessment of your problem to determine the best course of action to safely eliminate your problem utilizing a variety of natural or synthetic products. Part of the assessment is the determination on how to prevent reoccurrence and the information you need to continue to monitor your house, keeping it pest free! We have a variety of full or partial programs of various lengths to best fit your needs! 


Are you ready to let us help you reclaim your house and make it a home? Click here!

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