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Raccoons are kind enough to give us a significant clue that they are going to cause trouble - note the cute bandit mask. While getting into your trashcans is frustrating this is a minor compared to the potential health problems they can cause for both you and your pets. The bigger concern is if they have moved into your house or outbuildings on your property. 


A professional is able to inspect the property for various entry points, determine the best way to safety remove the raccoons, clean up the area and prevent reoccurrence. One to the reasons raccoons are such a problem is that they are clever, agile and able to fit in small openings. Contact us to discuss which of our full or partial plans will best suit your needs. 

How we can help

Eco-Tick Solutions starts with a professional assessment of your problem to determine the best course of action to safely eliminate your problem utilizing a variety of natural or synthetic products. Part of the assessment is the determination on how to prevent reoccurrence and the information you need to continue to monitor your house, keeping it pest free! We have a variety of full or partial programs of various lengths to best fit your needs! 

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