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While an iconic symbol of Canadian wildlife these geese can be an invasive annoyance. Geese are adaptable in finding food and other resources they need to survive in urban areas where they nest. Unfortunately if these are your new neighbours  - they are also mean and (since they are birds) going to leave fecal matter all around. So how do handle managing a protected species while also keeping them away?

The best ways to deal with geese are by implementing safe deterrents. At Eco-Tick solutions we are thrilled to be the sole provider in Canada of geese repellent to help keep geese of your property and away from roads! 

How we can help

Eco-Tick Solutions starts with a professional assessment of your problem to determine the best course of action to safely eliminate your problem utilizing a variety of natural or synthetic products. Part of the assessment is the determination on how to prevent reoccurrence and the information you need to continue to monitor your house, keeping it pest free! We have a variety of full or partial programs of various lengths to best fit your needs! 

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