Take Back Your Backyard
Make Your Lawn Your New Favorite Room
  1. 100% Natural
    100% Natural
    Stop using dangerous chemicals to control insects. Eco-Tick Solutions uses a 100% natural product to ward off Mosquitoes and Ticks , and is not harmful to the environment or your family.
  2. Safe for Family & Pets
    Safe for Family & Pets
    Protect the health of your loved ones by taking control of the environment outside your home. Lyme Disease and West Nile Disease are a danger to both humans and animals.
  3. Spring to Fall Programs
    Spring to Fall Programs
    At Eco-Tick Solutions we spray areas as small as a 1/4 acre or as large as 1,000 ac. Don't stay inside during the warm months. Ask the sales team to set up a Spring to Fall Program and take back the summer!
About Us
   Back in 2010, I decided to take back my own yard from insects and pests. I began experimenting with several products on the market ranging from dangerous DEET to sprays from large box stores. All of these sprays proved to be more harmful then being bitten. Going back to my roots, I remembered my mother spraying the backyard with a misting bottle that made our yard smell like a barbeque.  Talking with my neighbors and hearing their concerns about the safety of their children, pets and plants, I realized what I needed was an all natural product.  
In today’s world, the diseases that threaten us are constantly changing. We must also evolve in finding solutions to keep us safe. Our technology is effective against Ticks and Mosquitoes. These pests will be repelled and unable to breed in the treated area.  Now myself and wife and kids can enjoy our backyard again.
I proudly own Eco-Tick Solutions and am pleased with the results that Mosquito Barrier and Mosquito Less has given me.
Don't stay out 'just until the mosquitoes start biting'.  Stay out until it's time to go to bed. 
Call us either for a summer program or special event contract.
Edward : 613-539-1472

Owner and C.E.O
Edward Chodowski  


About This Product
Chemical-Free, No Insecticides or Pesticides
Protects From Ticks, Mosquitoes, Chiggers, and some other Insects
99.9% Effective
Light, Breathable, Cool
Worn As An Undergarment
Scientifically and Military Tested
Made from Nylon and Lycra
Made in the USA

Doughty pours cold water on any suggestion that life will be turned upside down. And he takes exception to the Black Fly Summit label.
"I absolutely resent it. I live right on the edge of (Fairy Lake) and I can eat outside ... every night of the week in June."
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                                                                             Paul Kamenar

April 1997, the bear hunt guide gave full warning to expect black flies and ticks on my trip into the wilds of Manitoba the following month. He could not have been more spot on, I had never seen ticks like that before or since. Not a fan of the chemical repellents at the time of his warning, I opted for my first Rynoskin suit. I spent much of my time on that hunt flicking ticks off of me in the tree stand and smashing them with my flashlight in the camp tent at night. After five days in the Canadian bush, not only was I successful in taking a bear, I came home without a fly or tick bite to show. Fast forward to June 9th 2017. I was pushing through a week of aches, pains and sickness, when my wife woke at 1:00am to find me sweating profusely...The bulls eye found on my lower back confirmed the diagnosis then and there, Lyme Disease. Now after putting my hands on the new Rynoskin Total there is no doubt having one would have protected me. This new version is an upgrade in the quality of material used and its overall coverage. The reinforced stress points, overlapping pieces, gloves, socks, and hood, places it far and above any other chemical-free insect protection on the market today.


Now the one and only PiActive Mosquito / Tick Protection in a Non-Aresol Spray.

A better alternative to DEET-based repellents, the formula contains 20% Icaridin, making it a good choice for children from 6 months to Adult years.
Active ingredient is Icaridin 20%, with 0% DEET.
Formula is non-irritating, non-greasy and non-allergenic.
Provides 12-hour protection from ticks, 12-hour protection from mosquitoes, and 10 hours from black flies.
Suited to kids from 6 months and up.
Bottle design includes a compass, whistle and convenient loop.

Phone: 613-539-1472

I recently learned of Eco-tick Solutions through some work they were doing to rid city parks of ticks, I asked around and got a card and contact information for Edward who is the owner/operator, I contacted Edward and although my issue was fleas and not ticks, Edward went out of his way to try to help me with my flea problem. I have to say that I was impressed with the eco-friendly products which are pet friendly ( that was a major concern for me). After having my yard sprayed for the fleas with Edwards products, I was very happy that the pesky bugs were gone and my dogs were improving daily. My Great Dane has major Allergies to fleas and is now getting some much needed relief without medicine and all because Eco-tick Solutions products work so well. I recommend them to anyone with flea tick or mosquito problems Thanks so much Edward and Eco-tick Solutions.

Lori Bissett
City Of Kingston
I want to take the time and say thank you to Eco-Tick Solutions Inc. especially Edward for taking the time to research to fine not only a solutions to the Flea and Tick Problems we have. We are located on the St.Lawrence River and the insects are beyond normal, My wife has been bitten by a tick several times, knock on wood nothing bad came out of it. We tried to spray Premetherin that was told to us by a large company, (what a mistake, the smell, the chemical made a cat sick) any ways talking to Edward, he thought of a program that would be implemented on a 3-4 week bases. Well I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU EDWARD. 

It worked.

The Papinew Family