"Early summer of 2019 began a typical conversation complaining about all our biting companions, namely mosquitoes. My friend mentioned that there was a company here in Kingston using natural options to control ticks and mosiqutoes. Interested I looked up the company out of curiosity however it ended there at the time. Fast forward a week or two and my little girls were COVERED in bites after playing in our backyard making all of us feel horrible. I called Edward and he got back to me very quickly coming to our house explaining the product, process and giving us a quote. I called my husband and we figured we would give it a shot! Our kids had virtually no bug bites while playing in our yard despite rarely / never using bug repellent. I had no concerns for my dog or kids running around in GARLIC and the smell was gone so quickly it was like it never even happened. Wonderful results, wonderful company."

Kaitlin & Patrick Corrigan